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Offsite Backups for Your Organization is a data backup company specializing in offsite solutions for every type of business. With superior services and world class customer support, our organization provides a boutique experience for the customer. Custom support teams, automated reporting features and “no surprise bills” are just some of the personal approaches we take to ensure our customers feel appreciated and well taken care of each day.

Meeting most compliance regulations and industry standards, our company provides a secure and personal touch to data protection.

Cloud Backup & Recovery Services

  • Automated Flexible Backups
  • AES 256 Encryption
  • SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, SAS 70 Type II
  • Cross Platform Support

Secure Private Cloud Systems

  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Internal Compliance Fulfillment
  • Custom Backup Solutions
  • Data Replication Services

Managed Backup & Recovery Services

  • Monitored & Managed Backups
  • Tier II Technical Support
  • Managed Data Restore Capabilities
  • Complete Outsourced Solution

Dedicated Backup & Recovery Servers

  • Onsite Local Storage
  • Agentless Technology
  • Backup & Recovery Server
  • Database Support

Offsite Backups | Data Backup Services You Can Trust

You've worked hard to build your business through the years. You've made the transition to the computer age and rely on digital storage to keep your records safe. You may also have discovered that your company cannot do without a data disaster recovery plan. So you had backup software and protocols put in place that you thought were adequate - until that gut-wrenching moment when you even lost access to your local backups. You can replace your computer, even your server, but what about the data that went down with the ship?

In Case of Disaster: Offsite Backups Provides Reliable Online Backup Data Storage

Offsite Backups is the industry leader in offsite data protection and cloud recovery. Our secure disaster resistant offsite backup servers provide businesses with complete and reliable online backup storage and recovery, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our online business backups include (but are not limited to):

  • Offsite Data Storage and Security for the Most Sensitive Information
  • Remote Data Backup via Cloud Backups
  • Legal Data Storage
  • Medical Data Storage

 24/7 Online Disaster Recovery Service for Your Enterprise

We guarantee that you will have a person to talk to 24/7, because disasters can happen at any time. We are your on-the-spot provider of offsite backups solutions.

Remote Offsite Backup Storage via Cloud Data Backup That Secures and Protects Your Files

We know that part of the problem of losing data is that your customers and clientele rely on you to keep their sensitive information secure. Our raised-floor, climate-controlled, uninterrupted-power-sourced data center ensures your offsite storage backup will withstand thieves attempting to hack into your online file backup to steal or compromise your data as easily as it weathers storms, floods and earthquakes.

Our online secure backup of your files is encrypted and constantly monitored by our offsite backup software systems and our dedicated team who bring an expert and personal approach to maintaining your online data backups. We keep your offsite backups safe from infiltration while providing you with personal, instant access to your online secure backup.

Call Offsite Backups for All Your Online Storage Backup Needs

Is your data backup recovery plan complete? We can help you find out. We can tailor a business data backup solution specifically designed for you. Since 2004, we've been providing 24/7 online data backup services for businesses just like yours. Our solution for remote online backups for business disaster recovery has been the industry leader since 1986. We are proud to be your local and online backup solution. Call us toll-free at 888-253-4110 for a free estimate.. Rely on us for state-of-the-art data  protection services.

Customer Testimonial
“I always have good things to say about OSB.  Working with Offsite Backups has been nothing but great.  More than anything else their support has been phenomenal.   I can send an e-mail to support with an emergency, and I will have a call back within 5 minutes.  I have needed their support services several times, and they have always come through with flying colors.  I will always recommend Offsite Backups as my number one backup solution for all my customers.”

Trent Caskey
Scottsdale, Arizona

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Why Offsite Backups?

As your backup partner we understand your Cloud Backup & Recovery Services needs and are always here with a personal touch to deliver secure, reliable data management. You don’t want to worry about how it’s being done, you just want to know it’s being done, it’s being done right. When you need our help, rest assured you will always have a person to call, a partner to rely on, and the knowledge your data is safe away from any disaster that may be affecting you.

While a computer or server can be easily replaced, the data you have created cannot. We are here as your front line defense against the losses that can cripple your business. Guaranteeing you have a person to talk to if you ever have a question, concern, or just want to talk about how to better protect your company.

The reason we do so much to confirm your backups are working successfully is simple. We want to make sure if and when you experience data loss, you get back what you need as quickly and painlessly as possible. While other companies focus on the backup, we focus on the recovery. 

If you lost your data today, where would you turn to? Give us a call before it's too late.
All of our plans include:
Online Backups
Local Backups 
A Backup Partner